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VAD Implantation

The decreased size and continuous flow features of the newer VADs (Ventricular Assist Device) have increased durability and decreased complication rates.  These advances provide heart patients an alternative solution when they are not a viable candidate for transplant.  The Interagency Registry for Mechanically Assisted Circulatory Support (INTERMACS) that tracks U.S. VAD data shows a steady and marked increase in use of VADs as destination therapy, while use for bridge to transplant and transplants themselves have remained static.

The complexity and high costs associated with insertion of the device and the long term care needed, are best controlled by using surgical providers with proven experience, combined with contracts designed to stretch your assets.


VAD Maintenance

INTERLINK’s VAD maintenance contracts can be accessed at any time for all of your patients, including current patients that have already implanted and are receiving maintenance elsewhere.   The VAD Maintenance contracts are designed to work for bridge to transplant or for destination therapy, even if the procedure was not performed at an INTERLINK designated center. We have partnered with both Continuum and Alere Home Monitoring services and have established an easy path to transition all your patients over to our negotiated discounts.


Feel free to contact INTERLINK for more in depth information regarding our VAD network and maintenance agreements contact your account manager, at 800-599-9119!