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In 2008, the CDC estimated that medical care costs for obesity alone were $147 billion. This figure is expected to increase to $344 billion by 2018.  Obesity is a major factor that leads to Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, sleep apnea, stroke and certain cancers. The staggering cost of the health care associated with these conditions is a major issue for payors across the nation. Fortunately, there is a relatively low cost solution for the management and resolution of many of these illnesses.

Bariatric surgery, which costs a fraction of the amount associated with care for Type 2 diabetes or kidney disease, has been shown to improve, or resolve these and many other conditions and diseases related to obesity. On average, health costs for morbidly obese patients were reduced by 29% within 5 years after undertaking bariatric surgery. This reduction in costs for the morbidly obese suggests that payors will recover any costs associated with bariatric surgery itself within 2-4 years; a substantial amount of savings over the long term.

In response to the cost-saving potential of bariatric surgery, INTERLINK has developed a Bariatric Centers of Excellence Network for our clients.  This network consists of the very best bariatric centers in the country, which INTERLINK has contracted with for deep discounts on services. INTERLINK encourages all of our clients to take advantage of this growing network, and reduce costs associated with their obese members.

Feel free to contact INTERLINK for more in depth information regarding our Bariatric COE Network and bariatric surgery in general, at 800-599-9119!