Specialty Services include access to highly specialized programs not yet defined as a COE network initiative by INTERLINK ®. This section of the website includes proton therapy for cancer treatments, alternative dialysis solutions and other super specialized services.
Bariatric surgery is sometimes an essential step toward improved overall health. More insurance providers are covering these procedures as there is substantial proof that doing so will decrease health plan expenditures for many obesity related diseases.
Not all patients with end stage heart failure are candidates for heart transplant and in the past have been relegated to high mortality rates with conventional medical care. There is now an alternative for these patients through ventricular assist devices. As with other high cost and complicated procedures there is evidence that an experienced cardiac program will provide the best results.
Generally there are three categories of congenital heart problems: structural defects, acquired damage and heart rhythm disturbances. Due to the complexity of the surgeries often needed, an experienced heart program is essential and can often be arranged prior to birth to minimize risk for complicated heart issues.